This is an act of disobedience

An open letter by Mauricio Misquero


I am a postdoc researcher at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. I work for the Stardust-R project (European Commission, Marie Slodowska-Curie Actions), which is focused on training young scientists like me in the study of space debris and asteroids.

During 2021 I started to get involved in climate activism with Extinction Rebellion and Scientist Rebellion. When I realized the severity of the climate crisis, my whole life changed. The overshoot of our world is leading us inevitably to the collapse of our civilization and the climate system. We really need to face this, turn our eco-anxiety into eco-anger and act, it is our moral duty. Everyone of us should be in emergency mode, fighting to prevent the most dramatic consequences and building a society that puts life at the center of all.

This is why, in the following open letter, I abandon my research obligations in order to raise awareness on the climate and ecosocial emergency and to mobilize people.

Imagine thousands of us working full time, with all our talent and knowledge, to call people to the streets, with the moral power of nonviolence.

Well, this is already happening, you just have to ignore those who are saying #DontLookUp.

Because this system doesn’t have anything to offer us but misery and destruction, WE RESIST.

We resist to play their games.

We resist to act according to their logic.

This is how civil resistance starts to look like.

If you are willing to stop doing your scientific/academic activities in order to do activism, contact me, we are preparing a BIG collective action.

Whatch one of our mobilization talks here

Title: Heading for extinction and what to do about it – SR version

Speakers: Elena González Egea (PhD in Astrophysics) and Mauricio Misquero (PhD in Physics and Mathematics).

December 22, 2021, University of Granada, Spain

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