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The climate crisis is the greatest issue humanity has ever faced, and combatting it requires the greatest mobilisation in history.

No country alone can do enough: the rebellion must be global, and scientists – internationally cooperative and connected – are better placed to lead this than almost any other group.

We have targeted universities, scientific institutions and publishers with one simple argument: simply speaking the truth is no longer sufficient.

We must act like this is an emergency, or we cannot expect anyone else to do so. We must rise up in non-violent civil resistance, or we risk losing everything. We call on our institutions to endorse civil resistance, in the tradition of the Suffragettes, Civil Rights Movement and countless others. 

During the pandemic we have seen that governments can impose stringent limits on individual freedom, when it is understood to be necessary for the survival of the whole. In the climate emergency, they have refused to do anything so rational. In the global rebellion we target our institutions, bringing more academics into the fold, and we target governments, compelling the decision makers to act in proportion to the crisis. Science is one of the pillars of the modern world: we must make use of that power in order to demand real change.

Scientist Rebellion believes in the power of sharing resources with likeminded groups and activists in order to encourage self-organising.

As such, we hope that this section of the website will grow as we learn.

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"The startling conclusion is that continued exploitation of all fossil fuels on Earth threatens not only the other millions of species on the planet, but also the survival of humanity itself – and the timetable is shorter than we thought […] The tragedy is that the actions needed to stabilise climate are not only feasible, but provide additional benefits as well" -
James Hansen, Nasa Chief Climate Scientist