SR Talks

SR Talks

We are in a climate and ecological emergency. The actions we take – or not take – now will determine the conditions for life not only for us and our children, but for all life on Earth for millennia to come. How do we make sense of this historic moment and our role in it? How do we build alliances, connect with others, and take coordinated action to prevent climate breakdown?

Building on our successful talk series “The Role of Scientists on a Planet in Crisis”, we are organizing semi-regular SR Talks in the coming months on a broad array of topics and from a diversity of speakers. The goal is to shine light on topics that may not be widely discussed; understand perspectives that are often ignored; and connect you with others willing to take action.


Monday, 16 May 2022, 18:30 BST (GMT+1)A Global Debt for Climate Initiative

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A Global Debt for Climate Initiative

Monday, 16 May 2022, 18:30 BST (GMT+1), Recording

Abstract: Debt for Climate ( is a grassroots, Global South-driven initiative connecting social & climate justice struggles by uniting labor, social and climate movements from the Global South & North toward a common goal of turning debt-trap diplomacy on its head by canceling the debt of impoverished nations as a way to pay for leaving fossil fuels in the ground and financing a just transition. The implementation of a global Debt for Climate initiative has the potential to leave trillions of dollars in fossil fuel reserves in the ground, while freeing countries from a strangling debt burden often used as a tool for further extraction of natural resources. We are organizing a global action to push these demands during the G7 meeting on June 26-28. Join this talk to learn more!

Esteban Servat is a biotechnologist, environmental activist and founder of Ecoleaks. Born in Argentina, he had to leave the country after denouncing fracking and mega-mining in Mendoza. He participates with the global movements Shale Must Fall and Debt for Climate.

Sunny Morgan, aka Sunny the Solar Guy, is a climate justice activist from South Africa and works with various organisations such as Extinction Rebellion South Africa, the Climate Justice Charter Movement and African Climate Reality Project. He is also the founder of a solar renewable energy business.

Juan Pablo Osson is a specialist in economic-social, environmental, global warming and geopolitical issues, lectures on The Challenges of Argentina and Latin America in the face of Global Warming and the World Water Crisis for Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). He is a coordinator in Latin America of the Progressive International movement.

Louise Wagner studied environmental Sociology at the University of Jena and joined the environmental justice movement in 2017. She organized with Ende Gelände on a national level and sees power in organising across movements and borders to build connections on respect and solidarity.