We strongly believe in open-sourcing and sharing our resources, so that we can remain non-hierarchical and facilitate rapidly growing, decentralised mass actions.

Action Guides

We suggest three actions – direct action, educational disobedience and a fast in both solidarity and as a powerful moral statement. Here, you can find guides and resources to help with each of these.

Scientist Rebellion believes in the power of sharing resources with likeminded groups and activists in order to encourage self-organising. As such, we hope that this section of website will grow as we learn.

If you have any ideas or contributions, please contact us.

Pasting Scientific Papers

Hunger Strike/Fasting

Window Cracking

Paint Throwing

Pink Slime

Teach-Ins/Educational Disobedience

Here are three versions of a talk on the climate crisis and civil disobedience. Please use any and all parts you wish.

Resources for Pasting Actions

Here are a few formatted graphics, print them and paste them!