Logo, QR-code, and stencil

Here you can find our logo and more, which might be useful when you prepare materials for your actions or teach-ins. For example, when you do paper pastings, you might want to include the logo and/or the QR-code for our website on your posters. 

These are logo designs that can be used as social media profile pictures. You will need to merge them with a picture of you in a program like PowerPoint or PhotoShop.

These can be used as stencils, if you want (e.g. to decorate your labcoat for an action).

  • print the stencil (A4)
  • cut out the font
  • place it on the fabric of your coat
  • make sure it lies flat down on the fabric (maybe use something heavy like pebbles to weigh it down), otherwise the edges of the letters won’t turn out sharp
  • spray paint over the stencil (don’t use too much paint, otherwise it’ll bleed into the fabric and the edges won’t turn out sharp)
  • let dry 
  • good luck with your action!
Labcoat with name