Strikes and Occupations

Scientific-academic strike and educational disobedience / Let's take back the university.

From 4-9 April 2022, Scientist Rebellion calls for the largest global scientific and academic strike in history, demanding immediate and radical action in the face of the Climate Emergency. Simultaneously, we propose the "Take Back the University" campaign to the student body.

1.5ºC is dead. We need a climate revolution.

Given the gravity and urgency of the situation, we ask the following questions: 

Does it make sense to continue researching or teaching, knowing that in the coming years our planet and humanity is facing a massive systemic collapse in the form of a Climate Crisis? Should we play along with those who have led us to disaster? What do we want our role to be in this story?

We call on all our fellow scientists and researchers to join us in an international strike, together with all strata of the academic university community to demand that science be heard, and that urgent, radical and necessary action be taken to address this situation.

More information and guidelines for the strikes (Italiano coming soon):

If you are a student, you can participate in the "Take Back The University" campaign.

More information and guidelines for the occupations (Italiano coming soon):

Some information on how to mobilize for the occupations:

Scientists have a moral responsibility to act with all the means at our disposal to stop this catastrophe. We can no longer stay in our laboratories while the basic pillars of life on Earth are systematically destroyed.

No more solutions based on magical thinking.

Hundreds of people are already involved in this project to mobilise the scientific and academic community. 

Let the science be heard and acted upon.

1.5ºC is dead. Climate revolution now!