Global Scientist Rebellion

Global Rebellion 29th Oct - 12th Nov!

We target scientific institutions, publishers and universities to compel our own institutions to go beyond speaking the truth and start acting on it. We target governments, compelling decision makers to act in proportion to the crisis. They can ignore words; they cannot ignore a swelling resistance.

Join our ‘Intro Scientist Rebellion’ sessions every Tuesday 7PM to get involved.

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We are mobilising for a mass, global action where scientists from around the world undertake civil disobedience. This is the time for scientists to show how serious the situation is, by acting boldly and courageously. We facilitate a range pf actions so that the broadest group of activists can participate. 

Here are three suggested actions, or see the ‘Resources’ page for more:

  • Pasting Scientific Papers Our principle action is to print large copies of scientific papers and attach them to the building where we’re protesting, in small, socially distanced groups. Some will additionally commit criminal damage with paint, exposing a system which punishes such trivialities more harshly than the construction of genocide.
  • 1-4 Day Hunger Strikes – For those unable to risk arrest and/or leave the house, but in good health, we are suggesting a solidarity fast. This is a good opportunity to connect to the suffering climate breakdown brings, and to make a powerful moral statement. 
  • Educational Disobedience – Instead of the planned learning, teach those details people need to know about the crisis – this can be in the lecture hall and beyond.
Guides for these and other actions can be found in the resources section, but we will support and help facilitate any non-violent action.  

How to Get Involved

  1. Show A Willingness To Act: Use the embedded form below to securely tell us what action you are willing to take.
  2. Attend An Action Briefing (see below) 
  3. Meet Others: We will help you organise locally, by putting you in touch with others carrying out the same action and those in the same area.
  4. Get Ready: Check out the resources for whatever action you are taking, and make your plan for the rebellion. 
  5. Take Action: Take action wherever you are, with hundreds of others around the world acting simultaneously.
  6. Share Photos and Videos With Us: Send any media to and we will publicise them.