We are scientists from around the world, rising up in civil disobedience against the climate and ecological crisis.
Our warnings have gone unheard, so now we must act.
We are Scientist Rebellion.

For decades we have made warnings, written papers and spoken to the press -  but despite our best efforts, we have failed. Emissions have continued to rise unabated and ecological destruction has accelerated - all driven by the insatiable lust for economic growth. We are racing towards climate tipping points that threaten to make our planet inhospitable to much of life.

As scientists, we play a special role in society as the group most able to inform society of the risks it faces. It is our duty to make sure those warnings are heard, no matter how difficult.
We are therefore pleading with scientists to join us in the most effective means of transforming society in the modern era - non-violent civil disobedience.

If those saying we're in a climate emergency aren't willing to act like it, then how are  the public supposed to believe us?

Scientist Rebellion Global Action
25th - 28th March!

We are mobilising for a mass, global action where scientists from around the world undertake civil disobedience. This is the time for scientists to show how serious this situation is, by acting boldly and courageously.

We are suggesting three actions, to allow the broadest range of people to participate:
  • Pasting Scientific Papers - Our principle action is to print large copies of scientific papers and attach them to the building where we're protesting, in small, socially distanced groups.
  • 1-3 Day Hunger Strikes - For those unable to risk arrest and/or leave the house, but in good health, we are suggesting a solidarity hunger strike.
  • Educational Disobedience - Instead of the planned learning, teach those details you always wanted people to know about the crisis. We will provide materials to assist with this.
Over the period of three days we are aiming to facilitate hundreds of acts of civil disobedience. This email is being sent to thousands of academics globally.
Pasting Scientific Papers at the Journal Nature: We call on scientific bodies to endorse civil disobedience as a pillar of our climate strategy. Only after this action did Nature engage with us. Direct action drives change.

How To Take Part In The Action
Join an online briefing

We will explain the action further and answer any of your questions. Please register using the relevant link below and the zoom link will be sent to you. Commit to action, conditionally
We then invite people to commit conditionally to action (e.g., I will take direct action so long as 20 other people do too) in the tradition of the Suffragettes, Civil Rights Movement and many others.

This can be done by using this secure sign-up form
Our 2nd action at The Royal Society: Scientific bodies with substantial influence have a duty to do all they can to avert the crisis their own members are predicting. When warnings fail, we are obliged to act.

Many of Scientist Rebellion's activists work full time, around the clock, often risking arrest and inprisonment in order to spread awareness of the climate crisis and push governments towards enacting meaningful change -  but without donations from well informed scientists and members of the public we would struggle to finance both our actions and living expenses.

If you're unable to take action, please consider supporting us financially instead. We are urgently looking to raise £5000 to carry this action out as effectively as possible, and to continue growing as a group.

We are not a corporate sponsored NGO, and lack the regular donations of larger, more mainstream environmentalist groups. Any amount you can donate will be appreciated greatly.

Pasting Papers at Oxford University, as part of the Mobilise Peace Campaign targetting Universities to mobilise in civil disobedience. Further actions were taken at Trinity College Dublin, University College London, and Birmingham University.

Science is one of the key pillars of modern society: if we withdraw support and make clear we will not tolerate a system which manufactures genocide, we can amplify the message of the scientific community, and inspire action across the globe. 

Whether you're willing to face arrest or inprisonment, are making a stand by educating your students with the truth, or are simply supporting us through donations or informing coworkers, welcome to the scientist rebellion.

In Love and Rage,

Scientist Rebellion

“Those with the privilege to know have the duty to act”. Albert Einstein
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