We are scientists from around the world, rising up in civil disobedience against governments' inaction on the climate and ecological crisis.
Our warnings have gone unheard, so now we must act.
We are Scientist Rebellion.

Last month more than 150 academics in 15+ countries engaged in direct action, teach-ins and hunger strikes in our first international rebellion.

Scientific consensus was central to our message as we targeted governments, corporate media, and scientific institutions, showing that scientists will resist this genocidal direction of travel, and stand up for empirical truth.

When inconvenient, governments ignore scientific arguments - so they must be pressured through civil protest. Join us for the 2nd international rebellion: June 21st-28th.

If scientists do not act like we're in a climate emergency, how can we expect the public to do so?
See some of the actions taken by Scientist Rebellion activists
Scientist Rebellion Global Action
21st-28th June!
In the last rebellion we suggested three primary actions: pasting scientific papers, hunger strikes, and teach-ins. Others protested in their own ways, from the Rebellion for Forests in British Columbia to the activist who chained himself to the gates of 10 Downing Street

At Scientist Rebellion we open source action designs, creating a growing library of resources to help others to take the actions they think are the most ethical and effective. If you have an idea, we will try to help make it reality. The only rule we ask colleagues and allies to comply with is to refrain from violence against others.
More details and ways to get involved can be found on our website:

We are starting to run international tours of scientists talking to the public about the crisis, opening up pathways to action. Join us and Roger Hallam on Sunday 6th June at 6pm GMT to find out more and how to get involved, using the following link: 

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Collage of some of the actions in the first international rebellion.
Sign Our Letter
We have written a letter stating our positions and demands of government, which can be found here:

Doctoral students and academics can sign the letter here:
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Join an online briefing
Come and meet Scientist Rebellion, hear more about our plans and ask any questions. Join each Tuesday at 7pm GMT using the following link:

If this time doesn't suit you, please email us!

Commit to action, conditionally
We invite people to commit conditionally to action (e.g., I will take direct action so long as 20 others do too). Sign up and show a willingness to act using this secure form: 
If you are unable to take action, please consider supporting us financially instead. We are not a corporate-sponsored NGO, and activism can be expensive. Any amount you can donate will be appreciated greatly.

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Science is one of the key pillars of modern society: if we make it clear that we will not tolerate a system which manufactures genocide, we can amplify the message of the scientific community, and inspire action across the globe. 

In Love and Rage,

Scientist Rebellion
“Those with the privilege to know have the duty to act”. Albert Einstein
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