"The climate emergency is evolving faster than predicted. We must accelerate our response, with ambition and urgency. This is the battle for our lives" -
António Guterres, UN Secretary General.

Time is running out. The crisis is accelerating: our movements must grow similarly rapidly to have any hope of success. Unfortunately, this is only possible with adequate funding.

Many of Scientist Rebellion’s activists work full time, around the clock, often risking arrest and imprisonment in order to spread awareness of the climate crisis and push governments towards enacting meaningful change. Without donations from well informed scientists and members of the public we would struggle to finance both our actions and living expenses.

Please consider supporting us financially. We are urgently looking to raise £5000 to carry the international action out as effectively as possible, and to continue growing as a group. We are not a corporate sponsored NGO, and lack the regular donations of larger, more mainstream environmentalist groups. Any amount you can donate will be appreciated greatly, and you will be able to see the results of your contributions as actions on our social media.