COP26 Mobilisation

COP26 Mobilisation

On November 6th, we are taking direct action in Glasgow, where the COP26 conference will be held. It is time to target the conference with a bold action to show the attendees, and the public at large, that radical, sweeping change is needed rather than platitudes and compromises.

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How to Get Involved

We are carrying out both an action in Glasgow, alongside the conference, as well as inviting those with a scientific background to take action wherever they are in the world – any nonviolent act will be supported, though we are particularly reccomending a solidary fast and/or teach-in as described below.

Glasgow Direct Action

The United Nations has held the COP conference 25 times without any success (26th time the charm, eh). If you are willing to take action, please either fill out the form below or send us an e-mail at

Then come to a Zoom induction/’Pathways to COP26 action’ on Mondays, at 6PM BST/7PM CET:

For security reasons we cannot publicly state details of the action, but we can say it is in a similar spirit to our previous actions and that those who show genuine willing will be given a full legal briefing beforehand.

Global Fast: 1st -14th November

If you are unable to get to Glasgow for the action, please consider showing solidarity by joining our global fast from November 1st to the 14th.

Dozens of scientists have taken part in past Scientist Rebellion fasts, including NASA scientist Peter Kalmus.

We invite people to record video testimony, before and during the fast, explaining why they’re taking action

Fasting has a long history as a mainstay of non violent direct action and sends a clear message given the ever worsening food shortages climate change can cause; we also have a guide for fasting on our resources page.

Further support, and more information, will be added over the coming weeks.



Teach-ins/Educational Disobedience

If you are an educator, commit to educational disobedience by teaching your students the truth about the climate crisis through teach-ins.

People are very welcome to freely use, modify and distribute the slides on our resources page. If you have resources you’re willing for us to post and share please email us.

As with the fast further support, and more information, will be added over the coming weeks.